Welcome to TellusEnergy

Integrated energy solutions for
Switzerland and beyond.

We provide integrated energy solutions
with a focus on transitional energy technologies.

Having key competencies in
house gives us a strategic advantage.

Geothermal Integrated Company

Drilling is one of our core competencies, a competitive advantage in the implementation of geothermal projects for heating and power generation


Our highly experienced team is a leader in
providing efficient geothermal drilling solutions.

Cost Effective

Our expertise allows us to adapt our approach to each well, with the aim of reducing exploration and geological risks and maximizing cost efficiency.

Minimum Footprint

Our tailor-made solutions contribute to minimize
the environmental impact and footprint of each project.

Engineering and  Procurement Services

Our highly experienced team can execute any type of energy infrastructure projects, including geothermal power plants, industrial gases facilities and energy infrastructure.

Engineering and  Procurement Services

Our expertise allows us to adapt to local contractors to reduce risks and maximizing cost efficiency.

Renewable Energy Company

Beyond drilling, our team has experience in implementing
projects in a variety of sustainable energy production technologies.


TellusEnergy is a Swiss company based in Geneva,
focused on implementing clean energy projects.

One of our core competencies is deep drilling for geothermal projects, which gives us a key advantage in the sector, in particular in Switzerland.

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